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Modular octanorm stands are a perfect amalgamation of flexibility, functionality and aesthetics. Simply put, these stands provide you with a lifetime of versatility. The design can be modified anytime and smaller adjustments can be applied conveniently on site as well. As a modular stand design company, we usually assume that everyone is familiar with the phrases that we use. For example, the word octanorm! Modern exhibitors are using octanorm shell scheme to project their brand and products more effectively than ever before. This is a modular stand system that you would find in one or a half meter panels. It is easier to build these stands to fit any size or configuration requirement.

Modular stands are used across trade shows, seminars and exhibitions. The structure of such a system is made up using metal support beams and poles that are locked together in order to create a frame with panels slotted between poles. Modern octanorm stands allow exhibitors to easily mount their own graphics using the walls provided and set out their equipment for displaying their brand. Modular stands facilitate better brand projection during the show and help exhibitors achieve their specific marketing objectives. Modular stands easily catch the fancy of onlookers and, therefore, they are just ideal to multiply the impact of your brand during the show while helping you stay right within your budget.

Reasons to choose Triumfo’s Modular octanorm stands

Investing in modular stands created by us is a worthwhile decision as the results would delight you for sure. Triumfo’s modular exhibit displays are scalable to work in multiple places and can be easily adjusted to fit your dynamic, changing business needs. Few of the many reasons why Triumfo’s octonorm stands are the best include:

  • Easy Set-up and installation – these designs are easier to install as well as dismantle. The prefabricated panels can be mounted together in a modular way.
  • Reusable - most elements of the modular stands can be redesigned and reused in various configurations for different exhibitions.
  • Durable – modular exhibit displays come with a longer shelf life as they are built with metal panels that can be conveniently stored and reused many times after dismantling.
  • Cost effective – such stands minimize the cost of storage and transportation due to its pre-fabricated metal panels.

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