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Triumfo specializes in Bespoke exhibition stand design and construction. Wooden booths are custom made to meet the specific business needs and immaculately project the corporate identity of the company. Meticulous attention to detail enables our designers to come up with innovative custom stands that provide you more visibility on the fairground while strengthening your leadership image and multiplying your brand awareness amongst business prospects.

At Triumfo, our seasoned 3D designers would create outstanding bespoke exhibition stands by thoroughly understanding your ideas and practical needs. The team is intelligent enough to smartly interpret your vision and infuse its own creativity to come up with stand that showcases your business to its best advantage. Our designers and project managers work extensively to provide our esteemed customers exhibition design and build solutions that are consistent with their corporate identity.

How we work?

To ensure outstanding results every time, we adopt a systematic approach towards custom stand design and construction and that involves:

  • Garnering clear input from the client
  • Evaluating the specifications
  • Design and build process
  • Shipping of the display stand
  • Installation at the show
  • Dismantling as the show is over
  • Storage of the elements

Needless to say, bespoke exhibition stands are a great choice to go with if you have a particular vision of how your exhibit display booth should look like. Bespoke stands are today the most popular and prominent choice amongst businesses that want their brand to stand out from the crowd at the exhibition. Triumfo extends a full range of custom stand design and construction services and solutions. Triumfo is your perfect partner to help you turn your exhibition booth into an irresistible lead magnet.

Why Custom Stands are Gaining Popularity amongst Exhibitors?

  • Unlimited Options- With custom stands, you get to explore your own creativity and make a choice from virtually unlimited options. You have a vision of your exhibition booth? Go for custom booths to make it a reality!
  • Perfect projection of company’s image- Bespoke stands allow designers to project the company’s image and brand in a more effective and attractive way than possible via other types of stand design options. The entire theme and design can be modified and adjusted to accentuate brand and corporate identity of the company.
  • Enhanced brand image- As mentioned above, bespoke stands facilitate better and stronger representation of brand image as everything is tailored to project a specific brand.

In short, the investment in bespoke stand design is worth it and yields great results. To give your brand a boost through outstanding exhibit display booth at the next show, call us!

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